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From its aviation base at Malacca Airport, Firefly operates 20 aircraft in its passenger fleet, including a mixture of ATR 500 and 600 planes - all of which have a capacity of 72. These planes allow Firefly flights to touch down at smaller regional airports, providing a flexible portfolio of routes and lower fees for customers, in a similar arrangement to European budget carriers. It all adds up to a great way for travellers to explore south-east Asia as cheaply as possible. But it's not all about offering low cost transportation. Firefly flights also offer services like:

  • Simple ways to combine your budget flight booking with deals for local hotels
  • Travel insurance to cover any eventuality as part of the airline's "Beyond Convenience" scheme
  • City centre terminals that make it easy to fly out of major regional cities like Kuala Lumpur
  • Use of the Firefly Biz Zone in Kuala Lumpur's SkyPark

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If you regularly do business in Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, the flights to Malaysia on offer from this airline could be the perfect option. As well as the comfortable Biz Zone at Kuala Lumpur, business travellers can take advantage of special meeting rooms at major south-east Asian airports, easily purchase duty free gifts during their flights and earn BonusLink points to save money on restaurants and accommodation across Malaysia.

Part of the new generation of low cost, high comfort passenger airlines, Firefly flights provide a simple way for leisure and business travellers to reach destinations in south-east Asia. Whether you are travelling solo or need to arrange a group booking, the airline will provide a high-quality, reliable service for anyone who needs to travel to Asia.

Firefly Fleet: 15 aircraft

Firefly Fleet Details:

Aircraft Type Aircraft Aircraft Number
ATR 42/72 ATR 42/72-ATR 72 14

Firefly in-flight services and entertainment:

Firefly baggage (allowance, excess fees) :

Foundation date : 2007

Fleet Age (years) : 5.1

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Trip dates

Flights Singapur Ipoh SIN - IPH $228 11 to 24 February
Flights Singapur Kuantan SIN - KUA $77 09 June
Flights Singapur Kuantan SIN - KUA $77 15 June
Flights Singapur Kuantan SIN - KUA $77 02 July
Flights Singapur Kuantan SIN - KUA $162 22 to 29 September
Flights Johor Bahru Ipoh JHB - IPH $83 24 September
Flights Phuket Penang HKT - PEN $109 28 June
Flights Phuket Penang HKT - PEN $106 03 July
Flights Penang Kuala Lumpur PEN - KUL $10 06 July
Flights Singapur Kuantan SIN - KUA $158 19 to 26 May
Flights Singapur Kuantan SIN - KUA $182 01 to 15 July

Based on latest flight's searches. Last update: 25/04/2017

Firefly (FY/FFM)

Headquartered in the Malaysian city of Petaling Jaya, Firefly is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines that offers bargain air fares within the south-east Asia region. Launched in 2007, the airline also has long-term plans to offer cross-Pacific services to South and North America, as well as destinations in South Africa. Current destinations are limited to Asia, with a range of routes to cities like Phuket in Thailand, Medan in Indonesia and an array of Malaysian destinations including Penang and Johor Bahru.