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At the beginning of 2016, there were over 1,500 weekly Regional Express flights to 58 destinations in Australia. Most of these operate from the airline's hub bases in Adelaide, Townsville, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and Perth. If you're planning an extended visit to Australia and want to see as much of the country as possible then check out the airline's routes and competitive prices when you book your flights to Australia. The livery of the planes is predominantly white with distinctive Rex logos and tails in blue and red. Some planes also carry examples of Australian indigenous artwork. The airline strongly believes it has a role in making Australia smaller and providing good networks between the bush and the city. Rex is proud of its tagline - Our Heart is in the Country. Its commitment to this involves:

  • Employing local staff and investing in local communities
  • Maintaining its outstanding record for timekeeping
  • Keeping costs competitive with other methods of internal travel
  • Providing excellent customer service

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The airline currently has 52 turboprop aircraft in its fleet. These are Swedish-built Saab 340 planes that seat from 33 to 36 passengers. After Quantas, the airline is the second largest internal operator in Australia serving mainly New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, North Queensland and Tasmania. When you book Regional Express flights you are guaranteed affordable prices, a reliable service and, above all, a friendly welcome from your flight staff who will serve you with tea, coffee and light snacks depending on flight times. Whether you're exploring Australia or heading to the Snowy Mountains for some skiing do it in true Aussie style with Regional Express.

REX (Regional Express) Fleet: 19 aircraft

REX (Regional Express) Fleet Details:

Aircraft Type Aircraft Aircraft Number
Saab 340 Saab 340-Saab 340 19

REX (Regional Express) in-flight services and entertainment:

REX (Regional Express) baggage (allowance, excess fees) :

Fleet Age (years) : 18.2

Key Airline Routes



Trip dates

Flights Port Lincoln - Adelaide $147 29 January
Flights Adelaide - Port Lincoln $132 26 January
Flights Wagga Wagga - Sydney $149 24 January
Flights Griffith - Sydney $139 28 January
Flights Sydney - Albury $140 26 January
Flights Sydney - Griffith $139 28 January
Flights Sydney - Wagga Wagga $149 25 January
Flights Dubbo - Sydney $150 02 February
Flights Albury - Sydney $139 19 February
Flights Melbourne - Burnie $159 25 January

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Airport codes


Trip dates

Flights Perth Albany PER - ALH $129 25 January
Flights Albany Perth ALH - PER $129 25 January
Flights Perth Albany PER - ALH $301 25 January to 07 February
Flights Perth Albany PER - ALH $195 31 January
Flights Albany Perth ALH - PER $173 10 March
Flights Adelaide Parkes ADL - PKE $1487 31 January to 07 February
Flights Esperance Perth EPR - PER $304 19 to 22 February
Flights Albany Perth ALH - PER $389 03 to 05 February
Flights Melbourne Merimbula MEL - MIM $232 11 February
Flights Melbourne Merimbula MEL - MIM $199 06 February
Flights Melbourne Merimbula MEL - MIM $232 08 February
Flights Melbourne Merimbula MEL - MIM $298 07 February
Flights Adelaide Mount Gambier ADL - MGB $176 29 January
Flights Adelaide Mount Gambier ADL - MGB $130 28 January
Flights Perth Esperance PER - EPR $331 25 January to 06 February

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REX (Regional Express) (ZL/RXA)

The Australian Regional Express, also known as Rex, has its administrative headquarters at Mascot in Sydney. The airline was created when the Australiawide Airlines Consortium added Hazelton and Kendell Airlines to its operations in 2002. The group was renamed Regional Express Holdings in August 2005. As the airline expanded, finding enough qualified pilots in Australia became an issue so Rex established a cadet pilot training programme. This school, the Australian Airline Pilot Academy, is now based at Wagga Wagga Airport in New South Wales.