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Key destinations of Tigerair flights include various cities in India and China as well as regional airports in the south east of Asia. Hong Kong, Phuket and Bangkok are among the world famous destinations that this airline flies to. So, if you are looking for a budget airline that will take you between two different destinations in South East Asia, then Tigerair could well be the perfect airline for you.

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There are several guiding principles that work together to make every customer's experience with Tigerair a special one. This airline aims to make air travel:

  • Enjoyable
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
For these reasons, many people eschew the bigger airlines and choose to take this more specialized regional service. Tigerair flights are popular with both business and leisure travellers, and there are various deals and promotions to take advantage of throughout the year. The airline also offers affordable prices for car and hotel bookings in conjunction with flights, so travellers can get the complete package when they fly. Presenting your boarding pass can also help you to get deals on shopping and entertainment.

The airline has a fleet of 23 planes, which fly to 38 different destinations in total. The following two types of plane are currently used in the fleet: the Airbus A319-100 and the Airbus A320-200. In addition, the airline has put in orders for a substantial number of newer planes: the Airbus A320neo. These planes will join the fleet in around 2018. If you want to get the experience of Tigerair flights to Singapore and beyond, then just have a quick search for flights to Singapore go find the best deals for you.

Tigerair Fleet: 25 aircraft + 2 On Order

Tigerair Fleet Details:

Aircraft Type Aircraft Aircraft Number
Airbus A320 Airbus A320-200 25

Tigerair in-flight services and entertainment:

Tigerair baggage (allowance, excess fees) :

Hub : Tigerair operate mainly from Singapur airport (SIN).

Singapore - Changi (SIN / WSSS)

Full Name : Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd.

Foundation date : 12-12-2003

Operations Started : 03-07-2013

Fleet Age (years) : 2.9

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Airport codes


Trip dates

Flights Hong Kong Singapur HKG - SIN $176 08 to 11 May
Flights Singapur Hong Kong SIN - HKG $100 29 July
Flights Singapur Phuket SIN - HKT $54 18 March
Flights Hanoi Bali HAN - DPS $169 24 March
Flights Singapur Kuala Lumpur SIN - KUL $38 27 February
Flights Singapur Ho Chi Minh City SIN - SGN $99 01 to 15 May
Flights Taipei Macau TPE - MFM $147 03 to 07 March
Flights Macau Taipei MFM - TPE $162 03 to 07 March
Flights Singapur Phuket SIN - HKT $129 03 to 10 April
Flights Penang Singapur PEN - SIN $74 31 March to 02 April
Flights Singapur Bali SIN - DPS $117 31 March
Flights Singapur Kuala Lumpur SIN - KUL $43 30 May
Flights Manila Singapur MNL - SIN $67 31 May
Flights Taipei Macau TPE - MFM $140 17 to 20 March
Flights Ho Chi Minh City Phuket SGN - HKT $191 28 June to 09 July

Based on latest flight's searches. Last update: 25/02/2017

Tigerair (TR/TGW)

Tigerair is a budget airline that is based in Singapore (and more specifically, its headquarters can be found at the Singapore Changi Airport). It has been in business since 2003, and since then has operated affordable flights all over the Singapore region.