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Australia is a whole mixed bag. Flights to Australia are easy to find and are the first step of discovering this truly amazing county. The country changes from coast to coast, with vast expanses of land in between. Sydney is a glamorous collection of beaches, little shops and bars. Melbourne offers arts, alleyways and a fantastic food scene. Brisbane is a subtropical town with access to the rain forests; Adelaide is all festivals and pubs, Perth breathes West Coast freshness and Canberra covers all the political scene. While the northern town of Darwin, and the southern city of Hobart, are poles apart. Wherever you go, flights to Australia will take you to a country full of life and enthusiasm.

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Australia is an extraordinary place, made up of vastly different areas, each with its very own personality and spirit. Depending on what you want to visit, you can see.

  • Rough coastal lines
  • Rain forest that almost runs the entire length of the country
  • Extensive plains and outcrops
  • Stunning golden beaches
  • Cosmopolitan cities
  • Laid back out of the way towns and settlements
The land alters as you move from one side to the other. Among all the territory, you have the most amazing wildlife and scenery. Cheap flights to Australia can transport you to the wildest setting or to the most up and coming cities in the country.

It's possible to find many cheap hotels in Australia, Most of the population live along the coastal areas, so this is where the majority of accommodation would be. and getting around the country needn't be a hassle, not with either rent a car in Australia Whatever you want to experience from this vast country, is yours for the taking. Discover the vibrant cities with its vast shopping areas, or the cook, laid back surfers paradise along the coast. It's easy to find cheap flights to Australia that will take you wherever you want to go.

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Brisbane - Canberra Qantas Airways $403 Return 11 to 14 May Today 04:21
Newcastle - Canberra Qantas Airways $198 One-way 01 May Today 04:19
Sydney - Broken Hill REX (Regional Express) $858 Return 01 to 08 May Today 04:19
Melbourne - Adelaide JetStar Airways $244 Return 26 to 29 April Today 04:17
Toowoomba - Gold Coast Qantas Airways $303 One-way 01 May Today 04:14
Hobart - Melbourne JetStar Airways $138 Return 16 to 19 May Today 04:13
Brisbane - Adelaide Virgin Australia $322 Return 28 April to 01 May Today 04:12
Launceston - Flinders Island SH $374 Return 16 to 18 October Today 04:12
Launceston - Melbourne JetStar Airways $159 Return 04 to 07 August Today 04:11
Adelaide - Darwin JetStar Airways $678 Return 01 to 23 July Today 04:10
Ballina - Sydney JetStar Airways $176 Return 01 to 03 May Today 04:09
Adelaide - Ceduna REX (Regional Express) $380 Return 26 April to 10 August Today 04:07
Melbourne - King Island REX (Regional Express) $150 One-way 31 December Today 04:04
Darwin - Townsville Qantas Airways $387 One-way 27 April Today 04:03
Ceduna - Adelaide REX (Regional Express) $189 One-way 26 April Today 04:03