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The airline offers a couple of choices for travellers. There are no first class seats on the airline's planes, just ScootBiz, which offer seats that pitch to allow passengers to recline and extra wide seats, and Economy, which makes up 90 percent of the seats on an average flight. So if you are flying for business or pleasure in the Asia-Pacific region, the airline could be a cheap, comfortable option to consider. There are plenty of reasons to consider booking Scoot flights. For example, some passengers could be persuaded by the:

  • Energetic, youth-oriented service from the airline's cabin crews.
  • Easy ticket booking via the firm's mobile app.
  • A 24/7 call centre which provided up to the minute travel news.
  • The ScootThru connection service, which makes it easy to change planes at Singpore Changsi and automatically books a hotel should your flight be delayed or cancelled.

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Scoot's aim is to provide a fun, reliable budget service for all of its customers, and Scoot flights tend to include plenty of entertainment options. The Boeing 787 Dreamliners used by the airline include wi-fi connectivity for all passengers, and booking wi-fi sessions can be easily arranged when you purchase flights to Singapore. ScootTV also provides a huge selection of movies and TV shows at a reasonable price, and entertainment can be streamed directly onto your tablet or laptop. Fragrances, cosmetics and alcoholic drinks can also be purchased from the Scootalogue at duty free prices.

Scoot flights are the ideal option for anyone who is flying into Singapore and wants to transfer to destinations in Japan, Australia, India, South Korea, Thailand and many more Asian countries. Offering space, entertainment, convenience and a friendly cabin service, Scoot offers a great way to get around the Asia-Pacific region.

Scoot Fleet: 6 aircraft

Scoot Fleet Details:

Aircraft Type Aircraft Aircraft Number
Boeing 777 Boeing 777-200 6

Scoot in-flight services and entertainment:

Scoot baggage (allowance, excess fees) :

Hub : Scoot operate mainly from Singapur airport (SIN).

Singapore - Changi (SIN / WSSS)

Full Name : Scoot Pte Ltd.

Foundation date : 01-11-2011

Operations Started : 04-06-2012

Fleet Age (years) : 15.7

Scoot (TZ/SCO)

Based in Singapore, Scoot is one of the world's fastest-growing budget airlines. The company was created in 2011 by Singapore Airlines to provide cheaper flights on medium and long-haul routes, with the first flights taking off from Singapore to Sydney in 2012. Now, it has added a range of other routes. Most of the cities that the airline covers are Asian, but you can also fly to major Australian cities and even a few European destinations like Athens, Greece.